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Pest in the food and beverage processing industry is a high risk threat because it can cause contamination and damage raw materials in various ways. Besides affecting your stocks, a pest infestation may also result in loss of revenue, customers' trust, fines and even prosecution. The production and packaging of food products is a highly competitive industry that demands the most stringent standards of quality and hygiene. In this environment, fouling or contamination of food from even minor pest activity is totally unacceptable.

Early detection and continuous monitoring are essential to minimize the risk of pest infestation. By using an Integrated Pest Management approach, we partners with food manufacturers/ processors to mitigate any pest risk in your food processing facility. Our proactive pest control and reporting services are designed specifically for food manufacturers and food processing companies to ensure that pest activity will not have a negative impact on your standards or those of your customers and auditors.

A comprehensive pest control program must strictly follow a number of guidelines and designed to minimize the risk of adulteration. Thus documentation and reporting are essential to analyze and review your pest management program, and automation makes it more accessible for auditors to examine and traceability much easier when issues arise.

Pest control for food and beverage processing industry

The pest control program that we draw up is very specific to the facility and will take into account the particular pest threats according to the type of food processing (ambient, chilled, etc) and the input ingredients and output food products. We provide the preventative pest control measures to minimize the risk of an initial infestation, non-toxic treatments for any pest that does manage to penetrate the outer cordon and detection technology to highlight when intervention may be necessary.

Pest Prevention and Reporting Services are an important element of Food Pest Control. Our expert Service Technicians and Technical Managers will work with you to define effective defense against pests and will advise on working practices and procedures to reduce the risk of pests entering the facility. Our field biologists will help you to get the necessary reporting which is required for audits.

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