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You don’t let just anyone lease space in your property. You want tenants whose reputations add real value. Shouldn’t your pest management provider’s reputation do the same? When you choose APPM Office Precision Protection, you choose a program backed by more than decades of experience and proven results. And your Commercial Pest Specialist will tailor your program to meet your needs. Our standard Office Precision Protection package includes crawling insect and rodent control.

Protecting your IT company from pest related downtime

A critical factor that can distort the smooth functioning on an IT company is downtime. According to one study, the average cost of downtime per hour is around 1, 63,674 USD.

Very often, the presence of pests turns out to be one of the reasons for downtime in an IT company. Rodents are extremely notorious for damaging network cables, electrical wires and other technology related infrastructure in IT industry. The presence of rodents in server rooms means your entire business is constantly under the threat of going offline resulting in considerable financial as well as data losses.

APPM Integrated Rodent Management solutions take care of all the rodent infestation issues in your premise.

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