APPM Logistics Precision Protection was developed to address the unique pest management needs of logistics warehouses and transportation vessels. This highly effective, comprehensive IPM program emphasizes non-chemical techniques to help logistics companies like yours protect products from pest infestations that can affect their bottom line and reputation.

With tight shipping timelines and customer deadlines to meet, you’ve got enough to worry about. Let us take pest control off your list. We’ll work with your staff to focus on exclusion, shipment inspections, sanitation and proper stock-rotation practices to help ensure your facility is protected.

The logistics business is all about efficiency and economy value — margins can be tight. You simply can’t afford the disruption that a serious pest problem could bring. That is why many of the country's leading logistics specialists rely on APPM for the reassurance and their customers need.

With high volumes of goods moving constantly in and out of your business, effective pest perimeter security is vital — and that is what APPM provide.

Presence of pest not only destroys the affected goods and cause production losses but also results in the loss of customer trust. Getting rid of pests is even more important in order to comply with industry audit standards due to the scrutiny manufacturers face.

To find out more about our pest control and prevention programs or to arrange a visit from a specialist account manager who understands your pest issues, call APPM on 933-461-3389 or contact us online.

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